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Highspeed Energy Healing

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Each session is about 45 min depending on the needs of the client. The sessions are either performed on Zoom or phone call depending on the client's preference.


Right now I am not offering one-off energy sessions. This is where I differ drastically from other energy practitioners. These energy sessions are for those who have completed at least FOUR of the 1-on-1 Rise and Shine calls with me (exceptions will apply, so please inquire below or schedule a FREE Discovery call). Ultimately, my reason for this is to ensure personal empowerment for the client and responsibility for one's own health is embraced. I have seen how important it is for a strong foundation of understanding energy to be formed so that realignment can be maintained and sustained daily. My primary goal is to provide skills and experiences that will at some point allow you to step away from me and Wayshower and continue your journey without me. I never want you dependent upon me or this modality and I have seen how that can become the case not only with Western medicine, but Energy medicine as well. I will always be here and so will this modality, but it is through the tools gained in the coaching calls or the combined Wake Up Brave intensives that you will learn to show up for yourself and love yourself daily. That is what maintains and sustains wellbeing; radical acts of self-love.

That being said, Highspeed Energy Healing works in the Biofield that is the energy field surrounding your Physical body. Everyone has this field and how far it extends beyond your physical body can differ from another's. Information (thought patterns, belief systems, emotions, ideas, trauma, wounds, memories, etc.) can get trapped here and it is with this modality that I, as the practitioner, interact with the information that is present in a way that allows it to come into your mental, emotional, physical awareness so that it can be noticed and released. Often times this release happens quickly, but other times and quite often, most of the time, tools are needed to facilitate the release and to shift out of the lower frequency into the higher, new one.

Some things previous clients have mentioned following Highspeed Healing sessions include, but are not limited to: 

Face looks brighter

Feeling a bit “spacey”

Trouble putting things into words

Feeling more confidence

Standing up taller, straighter/spinal adjustments

A desire to stretch, yawning

Pain coming up or symptoms flaring up at first but then typically subside within 24 hours

Feeling much better

Feeling sleepy/ feeling energized

React differently (more positive) to situations and people that used to bother you

Emotions come up and release

Detox reactions including "flu-like" symptoms

Feeling "lighter", happier, "more like yourself"

Getting answers; feeling clear about what to do

Feeling more peaceful

Sleeping better

More optimistic

If you have any questions or feel you have developed a strong understanding of energy and have built a foundation for yourself through other strategies, please do not hesitate to reach out. If you feel this is a good fit and strongly feel pulled to this modality, but do not wish to schedule the coaching calls or the Wake Up Brave intensive sessions, please schedule a FREE Discovery Call so we can discuss where you are in your journey. There is always room for your intuitive guidance here at Wayshower.

Please inquire below with questions and for pricing.

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