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Rise and Shine Calls

 Each session is different and based off of what is happening in your life at the moment. These calls aren't mean to be "drop-in" calls where you can book and schedule as you feel called. At least 1-3 tools can be provided in each call and the ones provided and discussed are individual to your specific needs in that moment.


The tools can and most likely will differ from session to session as you become more independent and able to sustain your own shifts. This is all dependent upon how you utilize the tools and implement them throughout your daily life. Any and all tools used can facilitate mental, emotional, energetic and ultimately physical shifts. In these sessions, with these tools, we will primarily work in the unseen realms (mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic) that make up, affect, and manifest the physical world you see and experience daily. 


These sessions are meant to provide a mental, emotional, and even spiritual foundation for the energy work that can come with the Highspeed Healing sessions. A strong mental, emotional and even spiritual foundation makes a profound difference and by focusing here first, a strong energetic foundation will be secured for you as something to build your new physical framework from.

Some tools that may used:


Gene Key profile and current transit analysis

Take Your Power Back

Boundary Setting

Sound Healing

Poly-vagal Trauma Techniques

Healing Negative Thought patterns

Breath work

Chakra work

Heal Your Body (Louise Hays)

Power Animals

Anatomy of the Spirit (Caroline Myss)

Dream Builder techniques (Mary Morrissey)

Please inquire below with questions and for pricing.

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