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What is Energy Medicine

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Nikola Tesla said, "Everything is energy, frequency, and vibration."


We are energetic beings and everything in this world vibrates at a certain frequency. We know this about sound and color. It is the same for us. We are energy and our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, and our emotions are all energy in motion. Energy medicine is said to be a compliment to other sources of medical care. As a Physical Therapist I have seen how the frequencies of these invisible energies (our thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions) affect the Physical Body and overall health and wellbeing. Since everything is energy, the writing is on the wall for Energy Medicine to be the future of medicine. I believe it is how we will begin to build a true system of health care.


So many of us operate all day everyday out of fear and we create lives we don't want without realizing the roles we play. Our energy magnetizes our experiences to us meaning we are co-creators of the world we experience. Recognizing this and the importance of an expanded awareness is key for the shifts we are looking for to take place. I facilitate perspective shifts by bringing awareness to the conditioning (your mental and emotional patterning) that is no longer working for you so that the fear and distortions causing the difficulty you are dealing with can be mentally, emotionally, energetically and thus physically cleared from your physical and energetic field. This realigns you to your intuition and individual, natural blueprint which in turn ensures sustainable and personally empowered states of health and wellbeing. This is energy medicine: Quantum shifts taking place in the unseen realms so that alignment can be attained and sustained physically.

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